Broadband-T1-Dialup-ISDN Internet Keywords

adsl t1
best isp
broad band
broadband access
broadband connection
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broadband high speed internet
broadband internet
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isp providers
oc12 internet
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point to point t1
satellite broadband
satellite internet
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t1 backbone
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Cellular Mobile (GSM-CDMA-3G-4G) Keywords

2g cellular
2g mobile
3g cdma
3g cell
3g cell phone
3g cellular
3g gsm
3g mobile
3g network
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3g sim card
3g technologies
3g technology
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4g network
a fibre optic cable
amps cellular
antenna mobile
base station
base stations
bts cdma
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bts mobile
buy fibre optic
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cable fibre optic

cdma 2g
cdma 4g
cdma amps
cdma antenna
cdma bandwidth
cdma capacity
cdma cellphone
cdma cellular
cdma coverage
cdma evdo
cdma frequencies
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cdma gsm
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cdma mobile
cdma mobile phone
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cellular 4g
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cost of fibre optic

dark fiber
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fibre optics
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frequency mobile
glass fibre
glass fibre optics
gprs cellular

gsm 2g
gsm 4g
gsm amps
gsm capacity
gsm cell phone
gsm cellular
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gsm evdo
gsm frequency
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gsm handset
gsm handsets
gsm hsdpa
gsm mhz
gsm mobile
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gsm phone
gsm phones
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huawei gsm
iden cellular
iden gsm
iden mobile
install fibre optic
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marcomm fibre optics
mobile amps
mobile communication
mobile communications
mobile coverage
mobile frequencies
mobile handset
mobile handsets
mobile network
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mobile phone
mobile planning
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mobile technology
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multimode fibre optic
network cellular
new fibre optic
of fibre optic cable

optic cable
optic fibre
optic fibres
optical cable
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optical fibre
optical fibre cable
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plastic optical fiber
qualcomm cellular
qualcomm gsm
qualcomm mobile
rf cdma
rf cellular
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sifam fibre optics
sim card
single mode fibre optic
spectrum cellular
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sun fibre optics
tdma gsm
technology mobile
the fibre optic
third generation
uk fibre optic
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umts wcdma
undersea fibre optic
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using fibre optics
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wcdma gsm
wimax cellular
wimax gsm
wireless communication
with fibre optic
voice communication with infrared light and fibre optics

VOIP For Enterprise network

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a usual term used for family of transmission technologies for transmitting of voice communications over IP networks such as the packet-switched networks Internet

Other term mostly applicable with VoIP are broadband phone IP telephony, voice over broadband (VoBB),Internet telephony, broadband telephony

Internet telephony refers to communications services such as — voice, fax, and voice-messaging applications — that are transported via the Internet, Public switched telephone network (PSTN).

Basic VOIP Architecture Consists of

1. user interfaces Surrounded by four major components

– devices
– specific applications
– office applications
– devices

2. Now the Four major components in their turn are connected to 7 services

– voice mail and unified messaging
– contact centre
– telephony
– mobility
– presence(instant messaging)
-conference (voice,video,web)
– collaboration(Application and document sharing white board)

The basic steps are conversion of the analog voice signal to digital followed by the compression-translation of the signal into Internet protocol (IP) packets discrete in form for transmission over the Internet and same process is reversible at the receiver end

Enterprise network:

it has a base at the VQ mannager client

which in turn is connected to the VQ manager server

the CDR Logs from the Gate keeper are shared with the the VQ manager client
along with the Router configuration/switch

Finally the computer DTE(data terminating equipment)
acting as a terminal serves all the connections of the IP phone all together served in accordance to the Router

for a Enterprise network H.323 Network gateway serve as a communication end to the telephony equipment

and a PSTN (Public switched telephone network)too connected in similar fashion to the telephone DTE

VoIP systems employ session control protocols to control audio codecs and calls .

Codec are varied between in accordance with the narrow bandwidth requirements